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Egyptian Cat Mask With Uraeus

Egyptian Cat Mask With Uraeus

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Adjustable elastic buckle for perfect fit
Padded the inside for comfort
Very sturdy for activities
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The Egyptian Cat Mask with Uraeus is a mesmerizing piece of ancient artistry, symbolizing power and protection.

This beautifully crafted mask features intricate detailing, adorned with the revered Uraeus symbol, representing royalty and deity.

A true treasure that captures the essence of ancient Egyptian belief and beauty, this cat mask is a mesmerizing reminder of a bygone era.

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Comfortable: We have padded the inside of the mask for your facial comfort.

Breathe: The mask can stay on your face for a long time during the activity you do. It does not cause pain on your face, and you can breathe comfortably.

Sturdy: It is very durable for your activities with its high filling and extra layer thickness.

Adapts to the face: You can adjust it according to your face with its adjustable straps.

Suitable for: your cosplay events, Halloween events, festivals, parties, and to wear with your daily outfits.


Our products are produced from PLA by 3D printing. It is a hard, odorless, and environmentally friendly bioplastic.

How is it made?

PLA is a type of polyester made from fermented plant starch from corn, cassava, maize, sugarcane, or sugar beet pulp.

PLA production uses 65% less energy than producing conventional plastics, generates 68% fewer greenhouse gases, and contains no toxins.

What is EVA in the mask?

EVA stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, which is a plastic manufactured to have properties similar to rubber but is softer and much more flexible than rubber. It is an extremely comfortable material while the mask is on your face.


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